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Street Dancing Classes


From The Streets, To The Studio

As the name suggests, Street Dance is a term used to describe dance that originated from the streets. Groups of people get together outside and dance, usually having dance offs to see who is the best.

With our excellent street dance teacher Natalie Blake, the Studios trains all street dancers to competition level if they wish, with excellent results in solos, duos and team I.D.T.A. and UDO Competitions.

Street Dance covers a wide variety of styles within itself, including Hip Hop, House, Krumping, Clowning and more. It is a very energetic form of dance and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Street Dance is one of the most popular styles of dance and is an excellent way of improving stamina, coordination and performance. It is also a brilliant way of keeping fit!

So if you have a keen dancer, who can’t keep still, why not introduce them to our Street Dance classes.


Fast & Funky

If you’ve always aspired to learn those cool dance moves in the music videos and films, or want to gain more confidence in the club or at a party, why not join the fun?

At Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios, our classes are always fun, friendly, fast and funky! You will have the opportunity to meet new friends and learn something new every week.

All ages and abilities are welcome. Our teachers nurture the talent of all dancers, encouraging them to develop technique, new moves and their own style, as well as confidence.


Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

We strive to encourage our dancers at every stage, from the little twinkle-toes to the professional dancers. Students are rewarded for their hard work through their examination results and their excellent dancing abilities at competitions, festivals and shows.

Every year, Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios has enjoyed many successes for our street dance students in solos, duos and team competitions with the I.D.T.A. and UDO competitions.


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