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Musical Theatre

Making dreams come true


Musical theatre is a combination of singing, spoken dialogue, dancing and acting, to communicate a story and to express emotions such as anger, love and happiness.

If singing, acting or dancing on stage is your dream, at Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios, you can do it all.

With exciting dance choreography, creative drama and voice training in a variety of singing styles, students from all ages and abilities can join in the fun!

If you have a child that can’t keep still, or loves to sing to their favourite tunes, why not bring them along to try a class?


Skills For The Stage & Beyond

With our popular singing classes, children will improve their numeracy and communication skills by visualising rhythm patterns and expressing themselves through voice, whilst singing to the latest  musical theatre songs.

Drama classes encourage students to develop leadership and learning as part of a team. They will have the chance to explore their creativity through mime and pretend play.

For those that love to dance, our dance classes are the perfect choice. Dancers become stronger and fitter whilst building strong bonds with friends who are there to inspire, support and encourage each other.

All of our classes are structured and educational, yet dynamic and fun. Our friendly teachers strive to realise the potential of every pupil, stretching their imagination and helping them to grow in confidence and self-esteem. Our students can relax and be themselves in an environment that is both supportive and nurturing.


And Action!!

We strive to encourage students at every stage. They are rewarded for their hard work through their examination results and their excellent dancing, singing and acting abilities at local theatres and Stoke on Trent Drama Festival.

Furthermore, Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios boasts successes for the many students who have auditioned and achieved places with prestigious theatres. These include the local Regent Theatre and Victoria Hall.

Although many students attend merely for the fun, exercise and social aspect of dance, we are also very proud of our professionalism in training and encouragement of our many students who have gone on to full time dance, and Performance Arts training.


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