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Gymnastics Classes


What Is Gymnastics?Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics helps students to develop hand-eye co-ordination, balance, flexibility and overall fitness. It is an ideal addition to other dance classes, improving performance and reducing injury, by strengthening all muscles. Extended participation in gymnastics classes provides many additional benefits that are transferable to other dance areas and stages of life. As well as physical gains, it is also beneficial for improving concentration, cognitive development and mental focus.


Get Flexible, Get Fit

Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and are the perfect way meet new friends, who support, encourage and inspire each other. From a young age, children are encouraged to build upon their understanding of how their body works. The use of gymnastic classes allows faster development through interaction with the supportive teachers and their peers. Learning how to tumble, flip, swing, and handstand is anything but boring. There is always another step to learn; it is possible to learn something new every single class you attend. At Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios, we make learning fun! Students will learn in a safe and welcoming environment with the support and encouragement of our friendly and professional teachers.


Tumble, Flip, Swing & Handstand In Style!

Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios strive to encourage and nurture the talents in all students, and reward their hard work through their examination results, awards and medals. Friday 4pm – Beginners 5pm – Improvers Advanced at our Cheadle studios.


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