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Ballet Classes


Classical ballet technical training is considered to be the foundation of all dance genres. It encourages students to be aware of their posture and develop poise, flexibility and coordination, giving them the freedom to adapt their technique to any dance style.

Our classes teach students the safe way to stretch and exercise to maintain healthy & strong muscles. It also provides dancers with the opportunity to strengthen their core, upper and lower body for injury prevention.

At the Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios, dancers of all ages will have the opportunity to socialise, interact and make friends with other dancers in their class.

Classes at the studios are taught in a relaxed and safe environment and are suitable for the absolute beginner, continuing up to advanced level. Classes are also available for the adult recreational dancer wishing to improve their fitness.


Pre – School Classes & Beyond

In the early stages, We introduce ballet mainly through mime and play, with props such as scarves. We use imaginative and creative movement to provide an exciting, inspiring and fun way to develop agility, balance, co-ordination and a sense of rhythm. We nurture talent and at the same time encourage the growth of confidence in each of our students.

As students progress, the classes become more structured, focusing on technique and musicality, enabling students to become more advanced dancers.

Students are taught pointe work only once a teacher believes that a student has developed enough muscle and bone strength, and has become technically proficient on demi-pointe.


A Chance To Shine

We always strive to encourage the dancers at every stage, from the little twinkle-toes to the professional dancers. Students are rewarded for their hard work through their examination results and their excellent dancing abilities at competitions, festivals and shows.

Furthermore, Vivienne Shelley Dance Studios boasts successes for the many students who have auditioned and achieved places with prestigious theatres and further dance training colleges.
These include Central School London, MADD academy Nottingham, Italia Conti and the the local Regent Theatre, Victoria Hall and recently the National Youth Ballet.

Although many students attend merely for the fun, exercise and social aspect of dance, we are also very proud of our professionalism in training and encouragement of our many students who have gone on to full time dance, and Performance Arts training.
See our timetable for all the Studio’s ballet classes.


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